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Fabric gift wrap and fabric gift bags are reusable  and  made  from  a  renewable  source.  Saving paper from filling  our landfills. Add  quality and value to your gift ideas by using fabric gift bags nd fabric gift wrap. Show your loved ones you care  about  the planet.

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Harmony Gift Wrap is dedicated to creating unique one of a kind fabric gift wrap and fabric gift bags or all occasions. Created to reuse , pass on And give you  great gift ideas that last a lifetime. Giving our customers an opportunity to change our customs on how we wrap presents.

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Harmony  Gift  wrap  intends  to create  quality  fabric  gift  wrap and fabric gift bags sets that  lasts  a lifetime.  

Pass  it  on  or  keep  it  in  your  family  to  rotate  through  the  decades  of  fabric gift  wrap needs and gift ideas.

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Harmony  Gift  wrap  creates fabric gift bags and fabric gift wrap sets  in all  sizes.  We  will  customize  the order  to your Fabric gift wrap  needs  or  you  can  purchase  our  pre-created fabric gift bag sets.  Start  making  a  difference  today With beautiful one of a kind hand made fabric gift wrap.

Fabric gift bag set of four

Gift bag set of 4

Rocking Reindeer And stripes


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this unique one of a kind gift bag set is great for Christmas holiday or any occasion. Pass it on!


One of a kind Fabric Gift Bag


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Our  fabric  Gift  wrap  is  100%  made  with  love.  We create  one  of  a  kind fabric gift   Bags  and  wraps.  We  design  ready  made  sets  or  custom  made  to  order  sets  to  cover  your  gift  wrap  needs.

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Need more help? We create custom orders for Fabric Gift Bags and Fabric Gift wrap sets.We recognize that our customers each have specific needs. Extend your fabric gift wrapping needs with one of a kind custom orders.

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